Black Ale Project




Beginning June 1, 2019, Wormtown Brewery and the Black Ale Project will work together to raise money and awareness for local charities year-round through their new dedicated tap program!

Wormtown Brewery, an annual supporter of the Black Ale Project since its inception in late 2016, is partnering with us to continually help those in need in the Worcester area and beyond. A draft line in Wormtown’s Worcester taproom will be committed to the endeavor and a portion of the proceeds from each beer poured from the special Black Ale Project tap will be given to charity.

Many local charities will benefit from this program as Wormtown will donate the funds to different nonprofits throughout the year. Although the Black Ale Project focuses on raising money for war veterans, the tap will also support first responders, families of fallen military, police, and firefighters, food banks, organizations dedicated to combating disease, and a variety of other worthy causes.

“Dave Pappas has been a tremendous inspiration for us here at Wormtown.” Said Katrina Shabo, Director of Marketing for Wormtown Brewery. “His project aligns wholeheartedly with our core values to give back and we are truly proud to be partnering year-round to support those in need.”

“I am beyond excited and extremely honored to join forces with Wormtown to launch this innovative fundraising effort,” said Dave Pappas, USMC veteran and founder of the Black Ale Project. “Wormtown has been amazingly supportive of the Black Ale Project since it started, and they are truly taking their mission of helping others in their community to the next level by putting the tap program in place.”

Wormtown plans to pour a wide selection of their expertly crafted beers from the Black Ale Project tap, rotating styles to align with seasonal preferences and the charities they will support.

June 2019 - Project New Hope - $583.00 raised!

July 2019 - Homes For Our Troops - $443.00 raised!

August 2019 - Skate for the 22 Foundation - $783.00 raised!

September 2019 - Worcester County Food Bank - $486.50 raised!

October 2019 - Veterans Count Massachusetts

Photo: Dave Pappas

Photo: Dave Pappas